In 2009 Amit Goswamy, founder and CEO of LIVFRESH began to develop the formulation for LIVFRESH to combat his own gum and tooth problems. Amit faced severe plaque accumulation, which led to bad breath, tartar formation, weak enamel, and ultimately gum bleeding. As his problem worsened, his quality of life began to be affected – he was in pain and began to worry about daily interactions in his personal and professional life. After researching oral health issue in depth, he learned he was not alone and the dangers of plaque negatively affected the health of millions of people every year.  

Amit and his partners set out to invent an alternative – something that could provide close to a professional cleaning when just brushing your teeth. After spending years perfecting the formula, LIVFRESH dental gel is now one of the best at removing plaque, eliminating tarter, and improving enamel.  LIVFRESH dental gel was found to be 250% better at removing plaque than traditional toothpaste, edible, and still maintains the same feature of re-mineralizing enamel. Their peppermint dental gel and newest wintergreen dental gel are also known to eliminate bad breath and are 100% safe for all ages and pregnant women. “Our long-term goal is to find a solution to gum disease…profits are used to further our research, so we greatly appreciate you being a customer and helping us improve oral health one mouth at a time,” said Amit.

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